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Project Let's CHAT

Project Let’s CHAT seeks to capture the unique stories across the East TN region in a way that ignites connection, purpose, and meaning amongst current and future residents of the community. Our website is a one stop shop that allows folk from within the region and outside of the region to understand the culture and history behind what makes this community so great.
What's CHAT?
Downtown Dandridge, Tennessee - featured in Project Let's CHAT


Community Engagement

We aim to foster Community Engagement as we tap into the minds of some of the most cherished folks in our community. Building community within East Tennessee is especially meaningful during unprecedented times like we face today.
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Historical Preservation

We seek to cultivate the Historical Preservation of East Tennessee by documenting the rich oral history that is revealed through our interviews, research, and outreach. Our efforts will allow members of our community to leave behind a legacy through the art of storytelling.
Drone shot of Dandridge Tennessee.

Academic Development

We will work with students from local high schools to facilitate interviews with members of our community, sparking their overall Academic Development. Students will be able to submit their work for consideration of the Edna Glenn Scholarship.
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Technology Adoption

This project will fundamentally increase the Technology Adoption rates throughout the entirety of East Tennessee, allowing the power of technology to connect our community in ways never imagined before.
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Watch our overview video to get a better understanding of what we are working to accomplish here at Project Let's CHAT.

Edna Glenn Scholarship

Are you a student in the East Tennessee area who would like to demonstrate your passion and commitment towards your community? We encourage you to apply to the Edna Glenn Scholarship to showcase this commitment to the Project Let’s CHAT team.
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