Old COX Mill in Jefferson County, Tennessee - featured in Project Let's CHAT

Our Rich History

Below you will find a timeline of some of the important and impactful events that have helped make our community what it is today.
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Founding Of Dandridge

Dandridge was founded in 1783, making it the second oldest town in Tennessee at the time of it founding.


Construction of Jefferson County Courthouse

Built in 1845 for $6,600, It is one of Tennessee's oldest courthouses that is still in use today. Watch The video below to learn more:


Glenmore Mansion

Glenmore Mansion was constructed. Watch the video below to learn more about the history.


Douglas Dam Constructed

Douglas and other TVA dams built during World War II made a historic contribution by providing hydropower to drive the war effort. The reservoir remains an integral unit in the overall water control system in the Tennessee Valley.


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